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How to Activate the Coinbase Cloud Backup
about 1 year ago

Coinbase users are soon going to be capable to for creating the backup of their confidential keys with their personal cloud storage like Apple’s iCloud.

Crypto currency exchange express that if a user forgets their private keys or lose devices, they can use the new characteristic to get back phrase of 12 words to avoid losing of their funds.

A user will only require to keep in mind a password to recover their funds, so with cloudstorage, one can create the backup of their private keys. Passphrases will require being stored physically after the cloud backup service activation.

While updating Coinbase Wallet with the newest version, a user will start in receipt of notifications to receive the backup for private keys.

One may also register for the cloud backup at a moment with the right of entry of the “Setting Menu” where one can click on the “Recovery Phrase.”

Foe reinstate wallet on device, a user will want to enter the password used for creating a backup. user phone number must be logged in same Google account.

If you are having multiple wallets, you also have the options to have coinbase support for multiple wallets, so you can easily switch between multiple accounts.

This feature of create cloud backup is soon going to be launched with coinbase exchange platform. If you want to obtain more information, dial coinbase phone number to know everything about this now feature to be introduced.



Resource link: https://asktollfreeus.weebly.com/blog/how-to-activate-the-coinbase-cloud-backup

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