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How to Create the Backup with MultiBit?
about 2 months ago

When you are regularly utilizing digital currency for transfer and exchange, you must be able to create the back up with your trading platform. This is needed so that you can perfectly keep track of the digital currency being done with your trading platform.


Simply creating a backup doesn’t assure you the safety of your money, so you need to be assured that your back up process is strong and secure. However, testing backup recovery is not easy with this trading platform, but still, you need to be assured to the procedure to have a clean MultiBit installation.


Hence, one can use it only for a backend-up wallet that contains a small amount of bitcoin and can also use at the advance level when they are comfortable with it. Anyway, if you are not aware of the procedure, you have the option to dial a MultiBit customer support number to have the prompt and resolution of the procedure to create the back up.


The data present with it directly resides over the specific path of the operating system which is also displayed at the main Window of MultiBit. Here, one can go through their operating systems paths like Windows, Mac, or Linux.


After getting the data directory, one needs to close the Multibit and then need to delete the data directory. While on restarting the exchange platform, the previous wallet is replaced by the new one unfunded wallet.


With the start of the clean installation, the process to store backup is the same as the one outlined under sweep a paper wallet.


Now, with the access of the newly-opened interface, select the Tools and then import private keys main menu option. Now, click on the “choose import file” button while browsing to the location of your file and then need to select the file.


In the case, if you find that the backup was encrypted, enter the password and click on the “Unlock” button.


However, if you need more help, you can dial a multibit phone number to get instant help from the experts.


Resource link: https://asktollfreeus.weebly.com/blog/how-to-create-the-backup-with-multibit

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