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How to Verify The Account With Bitstamp?
about 1 year ago


Likewise the other exchange platform, Bitstamp never allow unverified accounts to trade. This is accredited to the fact that it allows direct bank transfer, credit card payments, and with the integration of the traditional financial institutions.

All of the features greatly require a KYC process, so in order to have access for certain functionality like bank transfers or anything else related to funds, it’s really mandatory to verify the account.

However, if you are not aware of the verification process, here is the process is shown below which you can follow to make your verification task quite easier and simpler:

1. Identity verification

With the Bitstamp platform, you need both corporate and personal accounts with the required documents to verify such as:

  • A national ID or valid citizenship like passports or drivers’ license.
  • Residence proof like a utility bill, a bank statement, or a variety of government-issued identification.
  • Enter the details same as it appears on your identity cards.
  • Next, you will need to upload the front and back side images with the document number and type.
    ow, you will need to upload your resident proof

2. SMS Verification

Now, you need to go for the second verification phase i.e. SMS verification. Here, in SMS verification, a user needs to verify their phone number with the access of the OTP received on the phone.

3. KYC form

The last stage of the verification is to fill the KYC form, where the verification can be completed within two business days. And, after completing this last process, you can proceed to do trade at an unlimited level.

After completing all these verification processes, now you can do unlimited trading. However, if you find trouble while going through the verification process, you can dial a bitstamp support number to get the immediate solution.

Resource link: https://asktollfreeus.weebly.com/blog/how-to-verify-the-account-with-bitstamp

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