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Simple & Convenient Way To Make Automatic Cash Out With ...
about 1 year ago

Is it not so irritating when you have to make the transfer of funds manually to your bank account from the Square Cash? If you are using that manual process, it’s now the time to move for automatic cash out for transferring your funds directly to your bank account without even using the application.


You have the accessibility to enable automatic cash out feature to send your money directly to your bank account. Anyway, if you are not aware of the procedure, you will cone to know while going through this blog post. So, let’s see:


Steps to enable cash out via Square Cash app

  • First of all, launch the Square Cash app on your iPhone
  • Move towards the upper left corner and click on the “Profile”
  • Now, scroll down and move near to Auto Cash Out on and click on it.
  • Now, select whether to deposit money instantly or after 1-3 days

However, if you want to disables automatic transfers, you can follow the same steps and click on the switch off.


Steps to enable automatic cash out from the Square Cash App web

  • First of all, search for Cash.me with access to your web browser
  • Now move towards the upper right corner and select the “Account”
  • Log in with the access of your Square Cash account info
  • Now, choose “Settings” from the menu shown on the left side
  • Scroll down and make “Auto Cash Out” on
  • NOW, choose whether to deposit money instantly or after 1-3 days.

In the case, if you want to disable, automatic transfer, you can go through the same steps and can click on the “Auto Cash out” off.


Hence, by going through the above step, you can easily make automatic cash out with Square Cash. Nonetheless, if you find any issue while going through the above procedure, you can dial a cash app phone number to have immediate assistance for your troubling phases.


Resource link: https://asktollfreeus.weebly.com/blog/simple-convenient-way-to-make-automatic-cash-out-with-square-cash-app

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